As painful as it is for me to update the club on the game yesterday, it
would be wrong for me not to do it. As predicted, one score separated
Kevins and ourselves. The final score being

Kevin’s 2.05
O’Tooles 2.04

It was a heart stopping game until the final, with end to end camogie
taking place.

Kevin’s had us on the back foot from the start and no matter what we threw
at them, they came back at us. This was how it went for 45 minutes ,
Kevin’s leading the whole time.

Then came the final water break, the players stood in a circle and spoke,
and like always, decided among themselves to keep going no matter what.
They walked onto the field having never been in the lead and threw bomb
after bomb at Kevins and for the first time it worked, we took the lead.

Aoife deserves great credit for this. Kevins had done their homework on
her and were not giving Aoife an inch but being a scoring forward and she
took several scores to get us a one pint lead with a few minutes left on
the clock.

I thought we had stolen it, we just needed to keep them in their half and
see out the game, but fair play to Kevin’s goalie, who was brilliant and
their 11, who also had a great game. They linked up, got the ball up the
field and won a free to level the game. We needed to win the puck out but
unfortunately it didn’t happen. Kevin won it , got another free, pinted it,
and took the lead again.

Our team, true to form, won the next puck out and attacked again, getting
the ball up the field one more time, but it was not to be. The ref blew the
whistle and Kevin’s were crowned.

I have to give a special mention to my Daughter, Aoibhinn. She got the
Player of the match award, picked by the ref. The nicest thing I can say
about her is that she is a warrior. She is the type of player you are glad
is on your team and you dont have to mark.

That is it for the year, we will have to regroup this week and decide what
we are doing between now and the December break up. We will probably be
going back to Sunday – Funday doing Volleyball, Rounders and any other
thing the girls want. I will also be looking into some sort of S&C to keep
their strength up.

As always, WE WANT NEW PLAYERS. Just ask me if you can try it out; the
players and the coaches want everyone to join.

So one final UP THE LARRIERS from a sad but very proud Lenny.

PS. Lorraine McDonald is the administrator for the team.
Lorraine does the following for the team and more:

Sends every text.
Goes to every training session,
Goes to every game,
Collects all the subs,
Does the team sheets,
Does all the club admin,
Keeps the score durings games,
Never say a word to me when I shoot rubbish at her during games.
Collects the registration fee at the start of the year.

Lorraine never gets a mention and club persons probably would even know
what she looks like. So from me and the girls. We would all like to thank
her for everything.