Continuous Coach Education (CCD) is a concept taken form professional world, where members of a particular field are required to participate in continuous professional development throughout there working life’s. This is a means by which professionals maintain their knowledge and skills related to their particular profession.

This is normally in the form of attending organised events/lectures or self learning via reading articles relating to your profession.

The CCD concept for O’Tooles is no different; our hope is that coaches within our club will always continue to develop. This development will be obtained by throughout each session by attending organised Coach Education Workshops run within our club or externally by the county board or Leinster Council.

The goal for O’Tooles Gaa is that every coach working with juvenile players (under 8s to under 16s) will participate in 8 hours of continuous Coach Development every session (January to January). A record of all coach development and the qualification of our coaches can be see on the coach develop chart.

Please contact David Needham or Lenny Rock for information on up and coming coach Education event or if you are interested in commencing our coaching pathway.