* Match # 1*
**************: – A trip to the Casino…..

Today we were hosted by our highly competitive hosts St.Vincents. This was
the first match after our long glorious summer, it wasn’t Vegas but the sun
was still shining in North Dublin.

Our hosts put the challenge up to us and we truly obliged. Little Larriers
brushed off the summer rust and came out fighting. This was a very tough
game and needed focus, guile and a cool head. The precedence was set by
Dave Collins.

Our team consisted of an amalgamation of both under 9’s and under 10’s
playing against a full strength St.Vincents under 10 team…. this was the

There was a battle in midfield, the tenacious Sean Mulligan and ever cool
Troy our Captain ran themselves ragged to ensure we were in with a chance…

The forwards ran their socks off, constantly moving and reading the game as
the sport of hurling demands. There were great efforts on show here,
….Luke Caulfield , Patrick Folan and Alex Blake. Hustling the opposition
and fighting for every ball, this was a game of “who wants it most”.

There were scores early on from St.Vincents but we pegged them back again,
with some points from distance. Our midfield driving the team on.

In defence we had the wonderfully composed Harry Boon playing alongside the
formidable Sean Collins and the smooth Mikey Webster. The midfield drove
the team on, but our defence were the engine.

For the 2nd half we made some minor changes, moving Alex Blake(man of the
match) from the frontline into defence was a shrewd move. The lad showed
great guile and reading of the game to get in front of the forwards and
rattle them, getting the hurl up and batting the ball away as we had been
doing in training.

Our goal keeper pulled of a few good saves, but one of them in particular
was the stuff of legends.It was heading into the roof of the net at pace,
but Ethan somehow not only blocked the ball, but got it clear….it had
looked like a goal for sure, but not with this man between the schticks!
This save essentially won us the match

Needless to say we won…

*Match # 2 * – A visit to see our neighbours….

Just down the road, our fellow team mates were up against some fierce
competition. This time our hosts were the Red and Green of Naomh Barróg.
Our killbarack opposition would provide us with a stern test.

The lads showed great team work and put into practice the drills they had
been working on over the last 12 months, hand passing, jab lifts,
shortening the stick, making the pass and ensuring every effort counts. As
a result of yesterdays Blitz, we may have had some tired legs out there
today, but you would not have thought it as the games went on.

There were some brilliant hooks and bat downs from high balls, the lads
showing how much they have come on over the last 12 months. The hard work
from training was shining through.

Sean Deegan, Rhys Carroll and the ever present Cillian Harte making great
advances, this coupled with the determination of Nathan Russell and David
Burns, the future is looking bright for the coming season

For a team that had never played together in its entirety before, the boys
showed great camaraderie and spirit beyond their age. Its a testament to
the mentors and parents how the under 9’s adapted to playing a higher level
and the support they received from their older team mates.

In the immortal words of Dave “the word smith” Collins,..”it’s was a lovely