The Junior Hurlers are playing Naomh Mearog tonight at 7.30pm . The game
is out in Mearog .

We are looking for support, so we want the entire club to head to
Portmarnock, go for a dip or a walk on the beach and then head to the
wonderful spectacular of Junior Hurling.

As always the juniors will give everything, the game will be end to end old
style hurling and there will even be a bit of ground pulling .

Note : Mearog is only 12 minutes drive from O’Tooles.

All players : we are meeting at 6.30pm . If you have agreed to play , make
sure you arrive ; if you said to me you are a ‘maybe’ , let down whoever
you have to and get yourself to Mearog; if you are a second year minor and
I have contacted you yet , call me today for details, we want your SOUL.

Up the Larreirs