The Junior Hurlers are taking on Thomas Davis tomorrow at 3pm in Kiltipper
Road. This is our third and final game in the Round Robin aspect of the
Junior D championship.

At this moment in time, we are positioned well to reach the quarter finals
but need a few things to go our way.

The Junior D championship has three groups, the top two teams from each
group will qualify for the quarter finals and the two best third place
teams will also go through.

We are in Group 1 with Thomas Davis; Na Fianna and Maurs.

Thomas Davis are the group leaders on 4 points. Due to the way Groups 2
and 3 have worked out, they are now qualified. Na Fianna like ourselves are
on 2 points but have a much better score difference than all of other teams
in the champo, as such, even if they lose tomorrow to Maurs, will go
through to the quarters.

As mentioned earlier, we are on 2 points, we are sitting third in our group
with a score difference of -12. So far, we are the only third place team
with points. In groups 2 and 3, the bottom two teams have yet to win games,
however tomorrow, the bottom two teams in both groups will play each other
so more than likely, bar drawn games, one of the teams in group 2 and 3
will finish on 2 points tomorrow.

So how does this affect O’Tooles and what do we need to do/happen.


If we win or draw tomorrow, we will finish on 3 / 4 points. Either will
guarantee we finish at least the third best team and go on to quarters.
Thomas Davis are in our way. They beat Na Fianna, a team that slaughtered
us in the first game like Vikings running a muck in a Christian Monastery
in 795AD. However it should be noted that Junior D is unpredictable, so
results do not always tally up. This is down to the fact that one day you
may have God playing corner forward and next God is gone swimming or
shopping (for no apparent reason) so instead of God, you have God’s fifth
cousin, who took up sport never mind hurling last Tuesday. So this means
tomorrow could go any way at all.


If we lose tomorrow, we will finish on 2 points. As mentioned we
have a score difference of -12. St Peregrines are third in group 2,
currently without a win, have -19. A good win for them tomorrow and a bad
loss for us will make them jump over us as one of the best third place
teams. Whitehall, are the other team in group 2 but have a score difference
of -30, so they really need God to turn up tomorrow to turn it around.

In group 3, both of the bottom teams, St Patricks of Donabate and St
Brendans have yet to win but their score difference are -4 and -15
respectively, therefore whoever wins there will more than likely have a
better score difference than us, so one of these will be in the quarters.

What can you do to help our junior savages tomorrow.


If you are a player, turn up.


If you are a player, do not drink that extra can you are being offered,
go to bed before midnight so that you feel kind of fresh by 3pm tomorrow.
Or even better, watch Netflix tonight drinking water.


If you know anyone over near Thomas Davis or St Peregrines ask them to
convenience their Gods to take the day off and go shopping.


At present we have three supporters booked to watch the game, they are
all in my car and are directly related to me and are moaning about
travelling, but we need their support so I am forcing yet another game upon
them. Feel free to make us have four supporters.

So that is it,

Up the larriers,

The above is for Graham Dinh, probably the only human to read this to the