Our Junior Hurlers were away today to Ballinteer St Johns. We travelled
over with 15 men and played out of our skins but came up short by 2 pints.

It was a great performance but were a bit unfortunate that the wind just
died mind way through the second which gave BSJ enough to get back into the

We were 10 pints down at half timenplaying aginst the breeze but we all new
we were still in the game.

This proved correct, as we pulled back the 10 pints and drew level with
about 10 minutes to go and even managed to go head by 2, Then being
Ireland, there was a hail storm followed by completed calm and sunny
weather. This allowed BSJ to pull back level and eventually get the win.

This was a very entertaining game with some mad stuff happening; from Liamo
doing a full on diving saves, Peter “The Flayer” Synnott mowing several
humans down and Burkey’s unusal use of the Foraram.

Man of the Match for O’Tooles was Josh Browne playing at coner back.

The O’Tooles Team: Liamo; Darran McDermot, Burkey, Josh Brown; Fionn Rock,
Rossa Wilson, Mark Butler; Conor Cullen, Sean Brennan; Chopper Crowley,
Conor Mcstay, Adam Caul; Christain Keegan; The Flayer; Andy Farrel.