A number of families from the camogie team headed to Strandhill on Friday
for two nights camping. This was even with Met Eireann giving a yellow rain
warning, which turned out to be a spot on forecast!

Everyone got stuck in on arrival and lashed up their tents in the rain but
no one can compare to ” Lá Freda” who should be employed by MI5 for her
ability to pack so much into one vehicle and then arrive and build “Kane
Plaza” from all the stuff she fitted in. This amazing fully light 3m X 3m
palace housed 20 people, all seated and even had a fire to keep us warm. We
were all happy to sit there, sheathed from the rain as “La Freda” worked
away for 3 hours engineering the entire structure from Gods knows what. A
few drinks, stories and laughs and we all made it to bed near enough to the
12am curfew.

On Saturday morning, with the rain more or less stopped, we all got up
early, fed ourselves and got ready for the main event of the weekend, two
and a half hours surfing with Tom and Elisha of Prefect Day Surf School.
Our club have surfed with Perfect Day on several occasions and they always
made us feel so welcome and nothing has changed.

17 surfers got in, everyone caught some sort of a wave and I think everyone
stood up for a second or two. It was just great craic.

Starved with the hunger and knackered after the surfing the rest of weekend
could be summed up as follows; feeding, lounging, a campfire, a sing song,
some very loud snoring, crows squawking at 5am, Christine and Freda casing
the crows, packing up the cars and home.

This trip was well worth it, just ask the families that went. If any teams
wants the details for the camp site or the surf school, just give me a

Up the Larriers, especially the camogie team.