A wind swept overcast Saturday provided today’s setting against our North
Dublin neighbours away near the historic grounds of the Casino in Marino.

Today’s opposition were a completely different side to the team we had
dominated in the under U9’s blitz a few weeks ago.

Vinny’s were up for it. It was a credit to their coaching staff. They hit
the blocks running and dominated the early exchanges. Scoring points with
some lovely interlinking play. The first half was theirs. O’Tooles had
scored two points to Vincents 3, but it could have been worse only for the
cross bar that received a hammering.

A good pep-talk by the bainisteoir at half-time, emphasizing the need to
stick man to man with the opposition and to ensure to aim for pints in this
2nd half would set the boys in good stead for the remainder. A few changes
to the line up gave the inspiration to a well deserved come back.

With a determined Patrick Folan galloping up and down the left wing we were
sure to drag ourselves back into contention. Sean Mulligan being as
relentless as ever to get on the ball and drive his team forward…things
were looking up.

And so it was, points scored by Mikey Webster, Alex Blake and Luke
Caulfield dragged us back into contention.

Again, two young sides showing maturity beyond their years providing great
excitement in an epic Dublin derby.

Man of the match awards for two inspirational players who worked their
socks off.

Pitch 1: Patrick Folan
Pitch 2: Eoin May

Congratulations to both O’Tooles and our hosts St.Vincents for providing a
great match.