Sunshine, holidays and O’Toole’s Summer camps are things to look forward to
each year. They’re a great way for your child to expel energy and learn our
national sports in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Registrations for our
Summer camps will be from 10 to 11am this coming Saturday June 24th in the
clubhouse office.

Also, this Saturday 10 to 11.30am we are hoping to raise a cent or two for
our lovely little under 10 camogie players that are having a coffee
morning. So why not come on up and join in. This will be a great
opportunity to meet with the dedicated mentors and enrol your girl.

This weekend in our lounge for your entertainment we have Friday night fun
and games. Saturday it’s ‘Run for Cover’ and Sunday 6 to 8pm with ‘Eddie
Sherlock’. There was no winner of our weekly ‘live’ Lotto draw. The numbers
were 16, 17, 18, 24. This week’s jackpot is €2,100.