O’Tooles GAC are inviting clubs to take part in our *Under *13 conditioned
football tournament. This will take place on Monday the *15th of May*.
First match scheduled for *6.45pm*.

We are looking for 5 other teams. There will be two groups of three with
the top two teams in each group playing the semi finals. Each team will
play a minimum of 3 games.

The conditioned rules are as follows:

– 7 minutes per half.
– 8 aside with as many subs as you like. The pitch will be 60m x 40m.
– The sequence of play in hand pass/ kick/hand pass kick. (or vise
versa). The objective of the blitz is to encourage the support play.
– Only goals will count.
– You can’t hand pass the ball into the goal.
– 45s are played like a corner in a soccer game (but ball is out of your

The cost of the blitz is *€20* to cover the cost of the refs.

If you would like you team/club to take part please complete the
registration form below on or before the *Monday, 2nd of. May*. Please note
we are operating a first come first served policy with respect to
registration. If you have any other question call myself, Lenny Rock on

  • Managers name.
  • Managers phone number.
  • Managers email address.
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