O’Tooles GAC are inviting clubs to take part in our under 11 conditioned Hurling Blitz. This will take place on Friday the 24th of June. First match scheduled for 6.45pm.

We are looking for 7 other teams. There will be two groups of four with the top two teams in each group playing the A semi finals and the bottom two teams playing in the B semi finals. Each team will play a minimum of 4 games.

The conditioned rules are as follows:

  • 7 minutes per half.
  • 7 aside with as many subs as you like.
  • The pitch will be 60m x 40m.
  • The sequence of play in hand pass/ strike/hand pass strike. (or vise versa). The objective of the blitz is to encourage the support play.
  • Only goals will count.
  • You can’t kick or hand pass the ball into the goal.
  • 45s are played like a corner in a soccer game (but ball is out of your hand).
  • Sidelines are taken out of the hand.

The cost of the blitz is €20 to cover the cost of the refs.

If you would like you team/club to take part please complete the registration form below on or before the Friday the 17th of June.

Please note we are operating a first come first served policy with respect to registration. If you have any other question call myself, Lenny Rock on 0868266119.

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