The F’er first game in 2016 is on the 6th of March. We will be up against
O’Dwyers away. We are giving all players three weeks notice to get mentally
prepared. We might even have a puck around.

This seasons hope and dreams are:

1. Fulfill all fixtures [an enormous task]
2. Play all players that turn up in every game.
3. Abuse Stevie Nolan
4. Get Keith Wilson, Liamo and Baldy on the field at the same time. (if
this happens, I will play)
5. Convince Damian Hernon he can play another year (or two)
5. Ensure we never line out with the same team.
6. Get everyone that finished up with the minor team in 2015 to play.

All players wishing to play in 2016 must be willing to accept following:

My excellent man management style,
Playing through hang overs (Burky),
One sided hurling.

If you think you are available for even one game in 2016 email or text me.


Leader of F’ers.