Through very little effort and no training, the 47 strong F’ers panel has
reached the league play off semi final.

This is a huge surprise to everyone on the panel as they were convinced
that play offs didn’t exist in “F” Land. The team, management and
supporters (2 people) were sure that the top two teams won straight
promotion to the bright lights of Division 8. The F’ers were hurling
with fear recently, as it looked like we could grab this second spot, so we
reined things in and ended up finishing fifth. But low and behold a semi
final awaits.

The game is scheduled for Raheny’s Pitch in St Annes at 2.30pm this Sunday.
However at present the entire Park is similar to the Everglades. There
has been several reports of joggers being attacked by alligators, so the
jury is out on whether or not this monumental match will be able take place
in St Annes. If it is played there, we will be more than likely playing
water polo than hurling. In which case we will have a polo star Stevie
Nolan. I’m sure if we look hard enough, his brother Gav is still
registered to play for the club. Stevie better hope it continues to rain,
as my fellow selector John O’ Loughlin has commented that “its the only way
Nolan will get on the field this weekend”.

With the huge numbers available for the semi (nothing like a semi to get a
player out of bed) team selection will be difficult. John and myself will
need to put serious thought into our mantra “Starting fat; finishing
skinny” as we could for the first time ever have have 20 players in the
“Skinny” Bracket.

Whatever the outcome on Sunday, John and myself would like to thank all the
F’ers for a great year. It gives me so much joy thinking of ways to abuse
each player before each game.

See all four supporters on Sunday.