We had our first win of the league yesterday away against Thomas Davis 2-5 – 0-8 . It was big game as both teams had lost 4 from 4 but thanks to great team display from the 20 lads who all played . The team led 1-4 to 0-5 at half time thanks with goal from Stevie (player manager) and scores from flakes ,Whela ,chief and mcstay .at the start of 2nd half with the wind it blew in the mick “the body” Healy for 2nd half who gave= awesome display of fielding who had ran from work to make 2nd half . We build a lead nd hung on even went down to 14 men and even missed a peno with 5mins to go (Conor mcstay bad peno) . There was great games from all but stand out men on the night where Ben (Greg) Fitzsimons, Shane Gettings and Dean Whelan.


  • Stevie 1-0
  • Flakes 0-1
  • Whela 1-1
  • McStay 0-1
  • Luke 0-1