As a rule when a junior f hurler walks onto the field the first thing he
does is an assessment of the size and space around him and at junior f,
size does matter, but in reverse, small is GOOD.

So with much fear in their hearts, 34 junior F hurlers ran out onto the
senior pitch last night (the biggest pitch in the world).

"Holy jayus" was the first thing that came out of three of the Na Fianna

We played 17 aside to reduce space and introduced "time outs" into hurling
for the first time ever , of which there was 12. But fare play to these
hardy bucks, they got through 40 minutes (couldn’t contemplate 60) and
produced another hurling extravaganza.

Best one the night was Liamie Boyle our speedster full forward. Liamie got
on the score sheet yet again.

Up next, O’Dwyers on the same pitch Sunday week, 12pm.