After 9 months of hurling, 20 odd games, 45 players and 200 and odd scores conceded, the junior f season comes to an end. The social experiment that witnessed a at least 20 individuals that could not claim to be the “first cousin of a hurler” team up with some veterans that were plucked kicking and screaming from the retirement wilderness

Junior Hurlers

At the beginning of the season, this teams only goal was to win a game, fulfill all their fixtures and give everyone a game. Roll on 9 months and the team actually made it to a championship quarter final where they lost to Wild Geese by a single point in an epic battle in North county Dublin..

This team is now become a beacon of hope inspiring young and old to play hurling albeit at a pedestrian pace. Every player has signed up to an intense winter training plan to ensure that they can run 30 meters in under a day next season. Management has also placed an order for some left sided hurls to help the one sided lads out next year.

Rumours abound that club legends Mick Cunningham, John Thompson and Jack Wallace are considering togging out next season, such is the hype around this team.

This is the only hurling Team in the World that had a Slovak, a South African and a Mayo man on the field at the same time.

The good news is that the experiment was a success! The bad news is that as long as this team remains, there is no safe haven for players to retire to.

Up the Larriers