Thank you to everyone who has entered but we’ve reached our limit for 2018 and entries are now closed.

On the 28th of March (Good Friday) O’Tooles GAC are hosting our Wall Ball Challenge for 2018. We first hosted this competition in 2012, starting out with an under 16s, 14s and 12s. After a few years of refinement, we came to the conclusion that the best age for The Challenge is Under 10s and 12s.

This for the first time our under 12 competition will be in honor of our previous Club President, Jim Murphy. Jim passed away in 2015, however is not forgotten and we, O’Tooles, through this established competition, want Jim’s Memory to live on. For the first time, the winner of the under 12
competition will be presented with the Jim Murphy Memorial Challenge Trophy. This unique trophy is currently being designed by Stoney CNC.

Both Challenges are free to enter. If you would like to enter players, please complete the registration form below before the Friday the 9th of

There are spaces for 15 clubs at each age group. Clubs can send two players to represent them at each age. Please note you must enter your club separately at both age groups. We are operating a first come first served policy with respect to registration.

To decide the two players from your club, we ask that you hold a club Challenge sending the winner and runner up to represent your club. If your
club does not have a hurling wall, we will make our wall available to your club to host your own Challenge and will assist you on day, if you wish.

The prize for the winners (1st, 2nd & 3rd) for each age group are:

Prizes are (See images below):

First Place:

Azzurri Helmet; Wall Ball Challenge ¼ Zip Top, Wall Ball Challenge T-Shirt.

Second Place:

Azzurri Wall Ball ¼ Zip Top, Wall Ball Challenge T-Shirt.

Third Place:

Azzurri Wall Ball Challenge T-Shirt.

We would like to thank Azzurri for kind

As stated, this competition is free to enter. The idea behind the competition is to encourage players within clubs to avail of the ball  walls; to encourage players to “puck around” outside of training times and finally to allow clubs compare the skill levels of their players with other clubs in the locality.

More Information and details regarding the setup of the competition are available via this link.

If you are have problems accessing the link, send me an email me at and i will forward it to you.

If you need any other information please do not hesitate to contact myself,

Lenny Rock

086 826 6119

Thank you to everyone who has entered but we’ve reached our limit for 2018 and entries are now closed.